Best Online Casino Game – Poker, Seven Card Stud

The best online casino game to play are the one with the lowest house edge or one where the player has an average advantage. Some bets are better than others.

As far as I searched, one of the very best and high ranking online casino game is poker, whether it is draw, stud, hold’em, razz, pineapple, etc. Those are the different versions of the poker.

Anyway, poker is a family of card game. It shares betting rules and usually hand rankings. The hand ranking from lowest to highest are high card, pair, two pair, three of a kind, straight, straight flush, flush, full house, four of a kind, and royal flush. The player with the best hands wins.

Each version of poker has different rules in playing. One that I will say the most relevant example is Stud, it is regarded as a more pure poker variation, as much for its historic past and difficulty in playing. This is not to say that Stud is better than any other online casino game, but it is a game worth knowing how to play. Most people like the Texas Hold’em, since then many people have watched the Texas Hold’em tournament.

I will assume that you are familiar with poker as with Stud as the description below sited.

Stud requires more attention and card-playing prowess. Stud can be played with two to eight players. The goal of it is the same as any poker variation – win as many chips as you can, one pot at a time.

Stud can be broken up into four sections. The Setup, which the player should need to get everyone at your table chips, combine the chips that will allow for a big bet, small bet and an ante. The size of the bet will dictate how large the game will play. The Bring, which the player with the lowest-value door card is the one that required to “bring it in”. The player required to bring has two option. He/she can either bring by making a bet equal to the size of the ante, and he/she can complete the bet to the full amount of all the small bet. Aces are high for the bring, which means they rank higher than a king. The Betting Rounds, which the player to the left of the bring is next to act. Players has three options, either to fold, to call, and to raise. The Showdown, which when the final round has been completed, the players still in the hand enter into. Each player makes the best five card hand possible out of their own seven cards. The remaining two cards are “dead” and have no value towards hand at all.

Every players of each poker versions should have the ability to play multiple variations of the game. Not just for Stud, nor hold’em, etc.
Everyone loves to have gamble games from time to time. Unfortunately, do not always win, other said, losing is a part of a game, but the real fun is in playing, not the wining. The important is you enjoy the play, and you enjoy the poker.

Vegas Craps Secrets Revealed – What You Should Know

Vegas craps, or playing craps in Las Vegas, is pretty much like playing craps anywhere else in casinos across America. Of course there are some differences. The greatest difference of them all… it’s Vegas baby!

There is no mistaking the allure and excitement surrounding that great city of lights in the dessert. Known the world round for its history and glamour, it is hard to think about playing craps and not think about Vegas. But, if you intend to play Vegas craps, there are several things you need to know. Continue reading to discover the facts that really matter, if you want to win at Vegas craps.

The one thing most important to know about Vegas craps is that the basic rules of the game are much like anywhere else. There is only one shooter at a time. That shooter must make a bet, or have someone make a bet for her, in order to be able to roll the dice.

The shooter’s objective is to make as many pass line wins as possible. This can be done by either rolling a 7 or 11 on the come out roll, or establishing a point number then follow that by rolling the point number again, before rolling a 7. The shooter’s turn ends when the shooter rolls a 7 after establishing a point number.

The shooter and other players at the table can make a bet on either the Pass Line or the Don’t Pass line. The shooter and players have the option of making odds bets as well, once a point number has been established.

The differences beyond this point have more to do with odds offered, payouts, types of proposition bets, and creative game options.

The most significant of these are the odds offered and the payouts on certain bets.
In Las Vegas, craps has what can be considered two craps zones. There is Downtown craps and there is Strip craps.

Although some variations are interchangeable, depending on the casino you play at, there are some clear distinctions. First and foremost are the odds.
At downtown casino craps tables, the odds bets are usually higher than on the Strip. The majority of Downtown casinos offer between 5 times and 20 times odds on line bets. On the Strip, the majority of casinos offer the standard 3-4-5 odds.

To explain the odds briefly, 5 times odds mean that if you bet $5 on the pass line, and the shooter establishes a point number, you are allowed to bet a maximum of $25 on the odds for that point number. So, should the point number win, you will not only win $5 profit on your Pass Line bet, in addition, you can win as much as $50 profit on your odds bet, depending on the point number.

3-4-5 odds, which are popular at most Strip casinos, are slightly different. Rather than every point number being paid based on the odds payout you choose, the odds payouts are as follows: maximum odds are 3 times odds for the numbers 4 and 10, 4 times odds for the numbers 5 and 9, 5 times odds for the numbers 6 and 8.

Beyond this, the other difference between Downtown and the Strip casinos is that Downtown casinos tend to have higher payouts on bets than the Strip casinos.

What you must understand is this: Higher odds and higher payouts, mean less house advantage, which means you have a better advantage playing at casinos that use Downtown Vegas craps odds than anywhere else. The only exception being any casino that offers more than 20 times odds on line bets.
So, playing at tables with Downtown Vegas craps odds, versus tables with Vegas Strip odds, and versus craps odds at tables any where else for that matter, will lead to more profit for you, all other things being equal. Will the casinos point this out to you? I think you know the answer to that.

The Truth Behind Online Casino Bonuses – How to Avoid Getting Gypped

Online casinos are hardly a new industry, but one feature of these online casinos has been under heavy debate over the years. This feature is that of the online casino bonuses. Bonuses are given through nearly every gaming center online, but each one has very different rules, regulations, and stipulations. Before accepting any bonus, you need to weigh the pros and cons of the online casino bonus. Since these casinos are giving out essentially free money, it is always a good idea to make sure you know what you are getting into before you accept the bonus.

Why accept an online casino bonus?
Before you take the casino bonus offer, ask yourself if you need it. Bonuses will always be optional, as you can contact the customer service department or the cashier and ask them to withhold or add the funds. There are several schools of thought regarding these online casino bonuses, to which we will come in a moment.

In order to determine the usability of the bonus, you will have to look at the roll over rate. These roll over rates will force you to play through a certain amount of wagering prior to being able to cash out. These will sometimes force you to play through 10, 20, or even 30 times as much as your total deposit – after the bonus is factored in. Because of this, it can sometimes be a very steep price in order to cash out. Roll over rates are one of the biggest determining factors you should consider when selecting a bonus.

Now, back to the schools of thought. There are three ways to consider this. If you have enough money to make a large deposit, it may be safe to accept the bonus under the pretext that you can afford to wager higher in order to meet the rollover rate. The next way to think of this quandary is that you only have a small amount of money, thus the bonus would enable you to gamble more or play higher stakes. Under these pretexts, you may want to accept the bonus as it will give you more breathing room. Perhaps the only deposit that should definitely not accept the bonus is that of the middle ground. If you couldn’t afford to make a massive deposit but could still make one above a very low limit, the bonus may not be in your best interests. If you cannot afford to spend more than you risked, but managed to risk a relatively decent amount, then the bonus may not allow you the flexibility that any gambler should have.
Another disadvantage to many online casino bonuses is that of the restricted games. Since some games carry better odds for the player, the casino will not allow you to use this money on those games. Most bonuses will limited blackjack, roulette, craps, and other table games when using a bonus. Slot games and video poker are amongst the most common type of game to which bonuses can be applied. If you do not want to stick to only one type of game, then casino bonuses are probably not for you.

While the prospect of free money may seem enticing, it is always good to keep in mind that this money will not come without a cost. Whether it is from the reduced flexibility of the games or the wagering requirements, these bonuses can be seen as a very bad thing. Some online casinos will actually withhold any winnings earned from a deposit bonus will not apply to certain games. For instance, if you use a bonus that prohibits blackjack and subsequently decide to try to play blackjack with your bonus, then you may have all of your winnings voided entirely. You will still have your deposit, but any luck you had on the tables would be for not.

Too long? Didn’t read? Always remember to read the terms and conditions over the bonus prior to accepting it. Accepting a bonus is essentially signing a contract, and it is doubtful that you would want to sign away your finances without actually reading the terms. If you fail to read the conditions, you may end up losing out on what could be hundreds or thousands of dollars in winnings. The bonuses will always be sugar coated, so remember to hunt for low rollover rates, high percentages, and middle ground limits. As with any business, the casino will have their interest in mind over your own, so try to keep yourself safe when accepting free money from an online casino.

Safe Online Casino – How to Identify It

Safe Online Casino – How to Identify It

Whether you’re looking to play casino games online or you’re just surfing the net, security should always be a priority. If you want to play online for real money then it becomes even more important to know how to identify which sites you can trusts and which ones you should stay away from. This is why, we’ve put together a list of key attributes you should look for when choosing where to play so you can be sure it’s a safe online casino. Let’s have look…
Site’s Reputation
A site’s popularity is typically a good place to start and it’s usually a good indicator of how trust-worthy the casino really is. An online casino that has been around for a long time and it is popular among players and people in the industry would hardly represent a threat; if they were a dangerous or dishonest casino, chances are someone had already blown the whistle and they would be out of business by now.
The obvious question is, how can I tell how popular a site is? A safe online casino is most likely recognized by other online companies such as Experian Hitwise (a leading global information company). Internet information companies often award other companies with titles such as ‘the most reputable online casino’, ‘best gaming company of the year’ and the like. Another factor to consider is the holding company that ultimately owns the casino site. This information is typically very easy to find and most likely will be found under the “About Us” section. A casino owned by a company listed in the Stock Exchange Market, for example the London Stock Exchange Market, will surely be a safe online casino.
As we mentioned before, a dangerous casino would not be in business for too long, so looking at how long an online casino has been operating can be a good indicator of how safe it is. This does not mean that every new casino site is a fraud company but if a casino has been around for long enough, for example since 1996, then most likely is a safe online casino.
Veterans of the gambling industry are among the safest and most reputable casinos you can find online. Respected industry publications such as the Online Gambling magazine also issue a list of the best online casinos of the year. These online casinos have earned the respect of the industry and they are surely the best places to play online.
Gaming Licenses
The government body that grants an online casino with a gambling license is perhaps the most important aspect to look for. Before putting your money down, you should always pay close attention to which organization has awarded the casino with a gambling license to ensure that you are playing at a safe online casino. If you look around, you will notice that many casinos are licensed and regulated by the government of Gibraltar (a British colony) and this is usually a good sign that it is safe to make deposits and play at the casino. If the government of Gibraltar is behind the casino of your choice, you can be sure it’s a safe online casino.
You may ask the question, why is a Gibraltar license a good sign? Any casino that request a gambling license from the government of Gibraltar must abide by some of the toughest casino regulations in online gaming and protect their players’ information through tight security systems like VeriSign technology. If you’re going to make deposits and leave your money in the hands of the casino, you really want to make sure it’s a safe online casino where your money will be well protected.
Privacy Policies
Protection against fraud and theft is definitely paramount, but what about protecting your information? Privacy policies are usually buried down between endless lines of boring Terms and Conditions text – yes, the kind that 99% of users never read. That’s why it’s important to be reassured that your personal information will be stored safely and will not, under any circumstances, be shared or even worse, sold to other companies. An honest casino should be clear and upfront about their privacy policies. It’s not necessary to read through endless lines of boring legal text to understand how robust their privacy policy is. A safe online casino usually highlights this clearly in their Terms and Conditions and provides information on how cookies are used to identify you and store information about you.
You shouldn’t be afraid of having a great time playing online but you should always be smart about who you trust. If you follow these three easy guidelines and do a bit of homework before taking out your credit card and giving your details to an online casino, you shouldn’t have to worry about being ripped off. Enjoy all the fun that the online casinos have to offer but remember to always play it safe!

Craps Tips – How to Plan and Budget Your Gambling Vacation

It’s a terrible feeling being broke in Vegas. If you don’t properly plan and budget your gambling vacation, you’ll likely find yourself standing on the Strip with your empty pockets turned inside out watching the fountains for free because you can’t afford to do anything else. To avoid this tragedy, you must plan and budget your gambling time. Otherwise, you’ll be broke after the first night.

Suppose you’re an average Joe (or Jane) who makes an average salary and you’re going to Vegas for a four-night gambling vacation. Plan your trip to get an idea of how long you’d like to gamble. Your plan doesn’t have to be set in stone, but you need some idea of how much gambling you’ll do to get an idea of how much money you’ll need. For example, suppose you arrive in Vegas at noon on Sunday and depart at 7:00am on Thursday. Excluding activities such as eating, sleeping, sight-seeing, shopping, getting a massage, etc., your gambling plan might look something like the following (your plan can be more or less detailed, but the point is that you must do some level of planning).
Sunday 2:00pm to 4:00pm play craps. Sunday 7:00pm to 10:00pm play craps. Monday 2:00pm to 4:00pm play craps. Monday 8:00pm to 10:00pm play craps. Tuesday 11:00am to 1:00pm play slots. Tuesday 8:00pm to 11:00pm play craps. Wednesday 2:00pm to 5:00pm play 2-4 Holdem poker.

Wednesday 8:00pm to 11:00pm play craps.
Your plan will change because of many influences, such as whether you win or lose during a particular session. Remember, this is simply a starting point that allows you to estimate how much gambling money you should bring. If you don’t have the discipline to make such a plan, then you have a good chance of going broke before your vacation ends–and being broke in Vegas is no fun.
Using your plan, estimate the amount of gambling money you need to bring. This estimate should be based on the table limits you plan to play. I prefer to play at craps tables with $5 minimums or less. If you play at $10 tables, then you must double the amount of money you bring.

The first step to creating your gambling budget is to divide your gambling time into 1-hour sessions. The second step is to remind yourself that you’re going to play good, tight craps and avoid bets that have high casino advantages. If you play loosey-goosey, you’ll deplete your entire bankroll in mere minutes. For $5 minimum-or-less craps tables, a rule of thumb that I always use is to budget $100 per 1-hour session. I’ve found that $100 is enough to endure a few cold streaks, yet small enough so my total gambling time for the trip doesn’t cost me a fortune. Using this rule of thumb, let’s look at how much money you should bring so you don’t go broke before it’s time to go home. (Note: I can usually play 2-4 Holdem poker and nickel slots a long time for $100, so I budget $100 for each poker and slot session even if the session is longer than one hour.)

Sunday 2:00pm to 4:00pm play craps = $200. Sunday 7:00pm to 10:00pm play craps = $300. Monday 2:00pm to 4:00pm play craps = $200. Monday 8:00pm to 10:00pm play craps = $200. Tuesday 11:00am to 1:00pm play slots = $100. Tuesday 8:00pm to 11:00pm play craps = $300. Wednesday 2:00pm to 5:00pm play 2-4 Holdem poker = $100. Wednesday 8:00pm to 11:00pm play craps = $300.

Whoa, it adds up fast! For this trip, based on the frequency I plan to play and the table limits I plan to play, I must bring at least $1,700. You might think, “What? You mean I need THAT much money just for gambling?” Yes, you do. If that’s how much time you plan to play, then that’s how much money you should bring. You should not assume you’ll win or break even in an early session to sustain your play in a subsequent session. Instead, you should assume you’ll lose your entire allotment for each session. Yes, that’s right. For purposes of determining how much money to bring for craps, you must assume you’ll lose everything. This ensures you don’t go broke before it’s time to go home.

For example, suppose you plan to play eight 1-hour craps sessions, and instead of bringing $800 (i.e., 8 sessions x $100 per session = $800), you bring only $400. What happens if your first four sessions are ice cold and you lose everything? What are you going to do the rest of your time in Vegas? There’s nothing worse than being broke in Vegas. It’s no fun walking the Strip with empty pockets. Be advised that you must never gamble with more than you can afford to lose. If you lose your entire gambling bankroll before it’s time to go home, you must always have the discipline to avoid the ATM machine.
You probably won’t lose your entire allotment for each session, but for planning purposes, you should always assume you will. For example, you might lose $50 after session #1, lose $15 after session #2, win $25 after session #3, lose $90 after session #4, win $80 after session #5, etc. So, if you don’t lose your entire allotment for a particular session, what should you do with the leftover money after each session?

You can lock it up in your wallet and not touch it for the remainder of your trip. You can even consider any leftover money as winnings. For example, suppose your first session results in a $75 loss, which means you cash out for $25. Put that $25 away and consider it a win! Look at it positively this way–you paid $100 for that morning’s fun and entertainment, but then you got a $25 rebate at the end. It’s like you won $25. This is one way to stay positive and enjoy your vacation even when you lose.

Another option is to apply the leftover money to subsequent sessions. Although you always play smart and maintain your craps discipline, you decide that you’re on vacation and you don’t care if you lose everything. For example, suppose your second session results in only a $10 loss, which means you cash out for $90. You can divide that $90 among your remaining sessions or you can blow it all on the next session and buy-in for $190 instead of just $100. Do whatever you think will result in the most fun. That’s what it’s all about–fun. You don’t go to Vegas expecting to beat the casino and go home with extra zeroes added to the end of your bank balance. You go for the fun and excitement. In Vegas, fun and excitement aren’t free. That’s an important lesson you must never forget.

Online Casino Slots – Can They Be Trusted?

Today, there are a sizable number of individuals out there that are extremely skeptical about technology. These are the people that are often wondering about whether or not the online slots are something that they can play with using their own money or not. A prime reason for this is because many people don’t really understand about security that is in place online. However, you don’t need to be worried, as the following article will explain to you a little bit about how security works exactly and some of the things that are in place when you go to an online casino.

Highly secured transaction
Every single transaction that you make, either in the online casino slots or otherwise, goes through multiple tunnels of security. Hence, when you enter your credit card information, it is highly encrypted and is not transmitted in the form of plain numbers. This is almost impossible to break through, and the people that even manage to break some of the primary layers will simple see random characters and not necessarily your card number when they do get access to the information. Hence, this is something that put some faith in you for using your card online.

Payment options
If you are still uncomfortable typing out your credit card number on the internet, there are other options that you can make use of. For example, consider the aspect of using some online money handling medium that can do the transaction on your behalf without revealing any of your account information. Most reputed online slots will accept money in this form as well, which makes it all the more convenient to make use of it. In fact, you will be amazed at just how simple these transactions tend to be. The icing on the cake is that you don’t even need your wallet in order to enjoy the slots or other games online.

Age based reputation
It is not like online casino slots are new or something; they have been around for quite a few years now. In all of these years, there have been very few people that have had any kind of issues when it comes to transactions and things like that. This should alone convince you that this is a medium that you are sure to like and probably would want to take advantage of. In fact, many people out there will agree to the fact that these casinos are the way to go if you want the most convenient play to play slots or even just enjoy a round of Texas hold ’em.

When Should You Play on an Online Casino So That You Have the Best Chance of Winning

Believe it or not, sometimes you lose at online casino is because you have bad luck? I do, that’s why I don’t play when I feel my luck is not good. You may wonder how to detect when you have good luck or bad luck. And, when is the best time to play at online casino?

Let’s me make it clear first, don’t ever play at online casino without a strategy. If you play your favorite game solely depend on your luck, you will definitely be a loser and lose your hard-earned money to the casino because all games are designed to let casinos make profits. And, you may need a lot of good luck to win, but some bad luck may causes you lose all your money.

Ok, back to the question: when should you play at online casino so that you have the best chance of winning? The answer is: When you have good luck!
Provided you have applied a good betting strategy that has been proven to work for other players, the winning and losing will be affected by your luck at the time if you don’t go greedy and bet wildly. So, if your luck is good and you bet with a winning strategy, then you will have very good chance to make winning from the game, else you may still win during a bad time if you bet with a winning strategy, but you will find it harder to make the winning.
Let’s use an example to make you clear when the best time is and when is not to play at online casino:

Assumed I am applying Martingale Strategy on Roulette. As you know the Martingale Strategy requires players to double up their betting amount on every loss until they hit a winning turn. So, when I am in good luck, I will normally hit a win in 1 to 3 turns, but when I am in bad luck, it may take me 4 to 6 turns to win back all my losses plus a unit of winning chip. So, I will keep playing at online casino when I find it easily to win using my strategy, but I will take a leave when I find it hard to make winning even though I use the same strategy to bet on the game. I normally will immediately logoff from the online casino once I face the pre-determined losses and I will only go back to the casino on the next day. My many years of experience playing at online casino tell me that when my luck is bad on a day, then I will hardly find time with good luck for the whole day. Therefore, I don’t stay at the casino if I find the outcomes of the game always against my bet area.

My rule of thumb is: If I lose little in the day with bad luck, it is easy to recover the losses on the next day, but if I make huge losses, then I might need to work extra hard to win back all my losses. Therefore, you should play at online casino when you find you have the best chance of winning with the best betting strategy plus some good luck to help you achieve your winning goal.

Online Hold ‘Em Game – Games You Would Simply Love to Play

Online casino games are fast gaining popularity in most of the western countries. Now people are simply hooked on to online gambling as it is fun, legal and profitable. Most online sites offer a wide variety of online gambling games. One can choose form the vast range and select the one that suits them the best. The stakes are clearly outlined, so there is no chance of shooting the budget. Some sites have specific online hold ’em game which are easy and generally less time consuming. These games do not require a lot of thinking and racking of one’s brains as they are mostly easy and are slightly toned down versions of the actual game.

Texas hold ’em online games are very popular among the card poker games. It is a poker variant which is played in most casinos. It even finds a place in the main event of World Series of Poker and the World Poker Tour. It is generally played between 2 to 10 players. The order of betting is fixed in all rounds of betting. This is a real variation from the common poker game which is played by up to 22 players, or even 23 if the burn cards remain unused.

The main objective of Texas hold ’em online game is to win the pots. A pot is the money that is put in by all the players in the game. So naturally it pays to win the pot as the amount is large. It is usually won by a show down of the 5 best cards out of 7. One can also bet high so that the other players abandon the pot. The whole idea is to make mathematically correct decisions. It is not merely winning the pot by having a good hand. One has to judge the hands of other players too.

The online hold ’em games are very popular because they are usually free. Some sites require registration with a few details while some others allow you to play as a guest. The charm of becoming a member is that although you are not paying anything extra you can chat with other members and get to know about deals and other news besides enjoying a good game. These online gaming sites are risk-free and reliable with the information you share with them. These sites have other online gambling games too and one is free to decide which game they want to play.

Most of the online hold ’em games have no limits, so one has to be very careful about making a calculated judgment while playing these online games. The idea is not to lose a lot of money, rather to win it. However, winning always also cannot be ascertained. Play in a calculated manner and abandon if required. These games are meant to be fun and should be treated as such. True sportsmanship ensures that you are ahead in the game while enjoying it too, knowing that you may win some and lose some.