When Should You Play on an Online Casino So That You Have the Best Chance of Winning

Believe it or not, sometimes you lose at online casino is because you have bad luck? I do, that’s why I don’t play when I feel my luck is not good. You may wonder how to detect when you have good luck or bad luck. And, when is the best time to play at online casino?

Let’s me make it clear first, don’t ever play at online casino without a strategy. If you play your favorite game solely depend on your luck, you will definitely be a loser and lose your hard-earned money to the casino because all games are designed to let casinos make profits. And, you may need a lot of good luck to win, but some bad luck may causes you lose all your money.

Ok, back to the question: when should you play at online casino so that you have the best chance of winning? The answer is: When you have good luck!
Provided you have applied a good betting strategy that has been proven to work for other players, the winning and losing will be affected by your luck at the time if you don’t go greedy and bet wildly. So, if your luck is good and you bet with a winning strategy, then you will have very good chance to make winning from the game, else you may still win during a bad time if you bet with a winning strategy, but you will find it harder to make the winning.
Let’s use an example to make you clear when the best time is and when is not to play at online casino:

Assumed I am applying Martingale Strategy on Roulette. As you know the Martingale Strategy requires players to double up their betting amount on every loss until they hit a winning turn. So, when I am in good luck, I will normally hit a win in 1 to 3 turns, but when I am in bad luck, it may take me 4 to 6 turns to win back all my losses plus a unit of winning chip. So, I will keep playing at online casino when I find it easily to win using my strategy, but I will take a leave when I find it hard to make winning even though I use the same strategy to bet on the game. I normally will immediately logoff from the online casino once I face the pre-determined losses and I will only go back to the casino on the next day. My many years of experience playing at online casino tell me that when my luck is bad on a day, then I will hardly find time with good luck for the whole day. Therefore, I don’t stay at the casino if I find the outcomes of the game always against my bet area.

My rule of thumb is: If I lose little in the day with bad luck, it is easy to recover the losses on the next day, but if I make huge losses, then I might need to work extra hard to win back all my losses. Therefore, you should play at online casino when you find you have the best chance of winning with the best betting strategy plus some good luck to help you achieve your winning goal.